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The Mode De-coder

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Customer Quote:

All I can say is bravo! I tried many a different product over the years and found them to be confusing at best and frustrating at worst. This is the first time in all my years of playing that I'm starting to understand the modes.
John P. Logsdon

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The Mode De coder front Visual- Another common comment from customers!

This remarkable practice aid is not only useful for untangling the difficult subject of 'guitar modes' but is also an incredible shortcut to being able to play guitar along to most modern songs WITHOUT LEARNING ANY MUSIC THEORY OR COMPLICATED AND NUMEROUS SCALE SHAPES AND PATTERNS! Turn on the radio, pick up your Mode Decoder and start to play along - whatever level of guitarist you are - from complete beginner (or even non-guitar player) to advanced jazz player, the intuitive progressive leaning method in this simple device is always relevant to your playing.

  • Forget learning every note on the fretboard.
  • Forget learning endless scale parterns and shapes
  • Use the minor pentatonic scale shape (position 1 only) and the handy note guide to hit the right notes every time
  • Use simple bar chords and easy minimal variations to play chords, compose and embellish your composing and playing.
  • compose your own music in any key and any mode of any key (that's 84 all together)

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