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 The Mode Decoder
The Physical 'card' version
The Mode Decoder
The app version - available for Android devices

There are two types of Mode Decoder available - A card ready reckoner wheel, and now an app for Android devices.

The app version has the added feature of chord audio samples, but both display the same information and can be used in exactly the same way.

You can purchase the card version from either or The app for android is available from the Google Play store on your Android phone or tablet (and is also available on the Amazon Appstore). Why not try before you buy? There is a FREE version of the app which contains complete chords and solo guides for Ionian (the major scale) and the Dorian mode.

Click the links below to get your Mode Decoder:


Store / platform  Link

Card version for buyers in the UK and Europe

Get the card version from the store

Card version for buyers in the 
United Stares and Rest of the World


Get the card version from the store 

The Mode Decoder full app

 Click to get the full app for Android

FREE version

 Click here to get the FREE version for Android
MDC lefty 144
'LEFTY' version

Left handed Players,
click here to get the full app for Android