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Play in location 1

Now its time to start playing guitar to a backing track! Play the Minor Pentatonic shape learned as you did in Step 1 while the music above is also playing. Start on fret 5 as you did earlier and if you would like, try one octave higher on fret 17. As you play up and down the scale a few times, listen for the notes which sound the best and use these to improvise your first simple solo.

On your Mode Decoder, place 'G' in the blue Mixolydian window.

You are now playing in the Mixolydian scale in your first guitar lesson - without having had to learn this normally advanced scale! As you play along you should be able to hear some of the character of the Mixolydian mode (you will play more 'in-character' later). It is a 'happy' mode, though not as sugar-sweet as the normal major scale. It is often used for Country, Rock and Blues music.

Here's the same backing track as I play along with the minor Pentatonic in location 1


Step 1  Step 2  Step 3