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Wow! This App is a work of genius. Not only is it an invaluable resource for any guitar songwriter to help build chord progressions that will work together, but it also gives you all the information you need to solo along to almost any song using just the basic minor pentatonic scale. Even if you don't want to write songs or solo it's worth getting as a simple to follow guide to almost any bar chord that you would ever wish to play. You don't need to know about Ionians and Mixolydians - this does it all for you. A must have App for any guitarist. And for the price of a coffee it's definitely a no-brainer.
Tim - Travellin' Strings


Pretty useful item


22 December 2015

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Hugh Davidson TouTube2

Hugh Davison

Fantastic Sir ! I got the Kirk Lorange slde rule from Australia in the 1980s and have used it ever since. This is a completely superior level ( I have ordered one). Us 'teach ourself' types have spent years barking up the wrong or the same trees. I taught myself bass over years and focussed on scales and had no idea about modes or pentatonics! I even written and recorded many songs and played in many bands but it would have been nice to know this and something about chord progressions for jazz and funk and whatever. I did kart racing in the 1980s and it was like a secret society - no one would share any set up info and all before the Internet so I reckon it was same with music. Thx vm from Poole, England :-) :-)


The Mode De-coder 

+Hugh Davison Thanks so much for your kind comment Hugh - and for your order. It’s very rewarding to see my little invention hitting home like this. Like you I suspected there was a secret way that no one was telling me about and I set about trying to find it - and from all the feedback, I think I have! Its become a real game changer for many guitarists like us because of the way it came about. For years I was like you, playing what sounded right plus I had little time for playing and didn’t want to waste that time learning scales and theory. I found the traditional way of learning scales, learning all the notes of the fretboard and learning theory the traditional way too mathematical and too much detail to learn. After many many insights and ideas, complete changes in design and then much fine tuning, I created what was, for me, the most efficient ready reckoner for chords and soloing I could imagine. As I’m a graphic designer, I was able to print and produce them and share what has now become a complete guitar playing system. Interestingly though, although The Mode Decoder bypasses the need to know the theory, you’ll find that you’ll end up knowing what goes with what anyway, just because you are playing all the time! Please look out for my next video. I have just had a new insight where I show how to use a clever trick with The Mode Decoder to play along to mostly any song that comes up on the radio pretty much straight away! I’ve done a video on that subject before, but this is a extra little trick to speed things up considerably! Happy playing! :)

December 2015

Nice comment from Mr John Logsdon:

I have personally used this system and I love it! I've been playing guitar for roughly 35 years and never in that time have I found a system like this. It has provided me with a deeper understanding of modes and scales, and it is incredibly easy to use. Highly recommended!:)

Lodgson comment Jingle Bells

I love the decoder what a great tool it has helped me so much Thanks

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James Paroline YouTube comment

5 stars on 9 October 2015

if you play guitar you need this. End of.

Excellent item. Simple idea and well executed. Yes, maybe a little flimsy but better to keep costs low. At least this gets beginner guitar players "tuning in" to recordings and will improve both ear and playing skills. If the player takes the trouble to learn the fretboard and the other 4 main Pentatonic "shapes" then so much the better.

By Alan via Amazon feedback - 02/09/2015

4 starsBy F. J. Rodrigues "Gadgetmeister" on 5 August 2015

Once you work it out its really cool.

5 stars

By John P. Logsdon on 2 Aug. 2015

To set up my review, I've been playing guitar for nearly 40 years. I play everything from classical to light rock to hard rock to heavy metal. (You can find my stuff on youtube under JohnLogsdonMusic, if you're interested). Anyway, I learned most everything I know by ear and studying up on tablature. Over that time I obviously picked up what all the notes are, many of the chords (though not all), and numerous scales.

However, I couldn't tell you what mode I'm playing in at any given time. I've learned how to find my way on the neck, but I don't know WHY I'm playing where I'm playing on the neck ... other than it sounds right.

Well, I received the Mode De-coder today and I spent the last hour watching the youtube videos and messing about with the little wheel and all the diagrams. I put down a quick backing track that played 8 bars of C, then 8 of D#, then 8 of B, and finally 8 of E. I found that I was jumping in and trying different modes, hearing nuances I've *played* before but now was understanding what I was doing! It was pretty awesome.

Next I started looking at the chord structures and found myself playing all sorts of things I'd never played before. Honestly, I'm just blown away. There are time when any artist gets stuck trying to come up with new song ideas and being caged into only knowing a handful of ways to piece things together doesn't help. I just came up with three new rhythms using this tool that are way different than I'm used to, and that's sparked some fresh creativity!

All I can say is bravo! I tried many a different product over the years and found them to be confusing at best and frustrating at worst. This is the first time in all my years of playing that I'm starting to understand the modes. I know I still have some studying to do, but this is great stuff. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Thank you VERY MUCH. . .I am learning the lead to this song. . . i followed a lesson with tab and played at a very slow pace and i have managed to play the first solo off by heart EVEN with my eyes closed. . .HOWEVER the second solo is so long and when broke down into small sections i was loosing the feel for the lead. . . So i decided i should really learn the scales. . Yes it was back to basics. . .i leaned the minor one very easily and your video was exactly what i was looking for to play it up and down the guitar as i was loosing the will to live following the tab. .. It was like writers block or something similar  . .  you have freed my sole and helped me to improvise . . i am off to practice. . .Thanks again. . .Gus from Glasgow   Bonnie Scotland
Click here to see it on YouTube
 youtube angus

Review from

5 out of 5 stars. 12 Jan. 2015

5 stars

Outstanding - you won't regret buying it

Since others have written so eloquently and accurately about the quality of this item, I will merely say that having just received this, everything they say is correct. It's a quality item that allows you to use a simple wheel mechanism to identify which style will suit what chord and it's progression. On the inside there's information on Location 1, 2 and 3 and the seven styles available, e.g. Ionian through to Lorian. On the back page there's the chord reference chart. No space is wasted. It's also a quality glossy paper and should last a while.

In addition, when you receive the item further material to help is also provided. For example, the mode de-coder is also on YouTube. It was watching this that made me decide to buy. Having talked through the benefits of the item, Sion Wyn Morris, the creator, then begins to play and it's then that you see the guy's love of music and the guitar shine through. I like people like that. I also like that people like that are willing to share their expertise and help make one's own guitar development easier.

It's a good price, a quality product and will help your development. Recommended.

by Urbanmeister