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YouTube comment for Comfortably Numb solo
Thank you VERY MUCH. . .I am learning the lead to this song. . . i followed a lesson with tab and played at a very slow pace and i have managed to play the first solo off by heart EVEN with my eyes closed. . .HOWEVER the second solo is so long and when broke down into small sections i was loosing the feel for the lead. . . So i decided i should really learn the scales. . Yes it was back to basics. . .i leaned the minor one very easily and your video was exactly what i was looking for to play it up and down the guitar as i was loosing the will to live following the tab. .. It was like writers block or something similar  . .  you have freed my sole and helped me to improvise . . i am off to practice. . .Thanks again. . .Gus from Glasgow   Bonnie Scotland
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