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22 December 2015

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Hugh Davidson TouTube2

Hugh Davison

Fantastic Sir ! I got the Kirk Lorange slde rule from Australia in the 1980s and have used it ever since. This is a completely superior level ( I have ordered one). Us 'teach ourself' types have spent years barking up the wrong or the same trees. I taught myself bass over years and focussed on scales and had no idea about modes or pentatonics! I even written and recorded many songs and played in many bands but it would have been nice to know this and something about chord progressions for jazz and funk and whatever. I did kart racing in the 1980s and it was like a secret society - no one would share any set up info and all before the Internet so I reckon it was same with music. Thx vm from Poole, England :-) :-)


The Mode De-coder 

+Hugh Davison Thanks so much for your kind comment Hugh - and for your order. It’s very rewarding to see my little invention hitting home like this. Like you I suspected there was a secret way that no one was telling me about and I set about trying to find it - and from all the feedback, I think I have! Its become a real game changer for many guitarists like us because of the way it came about. For years I was like you, playing what sounded right plus I had little time for playing and didn’t want to waste that time learning scales and theory. I found the traditional way of learning scales, learning all the notes of the fretboard and learning theory the traditional way too mathematical and too much detail to learn. After many many insights and ideas, complete changes in design and then much fine tuning, I created what was, for me, the most efficient ready reckoner for chords and soloing I could imagine. As I’m a graphic designer, I was able to print and produce them and share what has now become a complete guitar playing system. Interestingly though, although The Mode Decoder bypasses the need to know the theory, you’ll find that you’ll end up knowing what goes with what anyway, just because you are playing all the time! Please look out for my next video. I have just had a new insight where I show how to use a clever trick with The Mode Decoder to play along to mostly any song that comes up on the radio pretty much straight away! I’ve done a video on that subject before, but this is a extra little trick to speed things up considerably! Happy playing! :)