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I have to admit - I'm not very good at playing my guitar. However I do enjoy playing immensely and so after many attempts at following systems and tutorials have created my own system which allows me essentially to turn on the radio and play along with whatever is playing. Watch how I apply it to Albatross by Fleetwood Mac. Hopefully it will help you to do the same!

This time I play along to 'All the little lights' and othet songs by Passenger, using a mixture of bar chords and solo notes. I explain how, no matter what the key, you can apply the same pattern to every song And play along quickly and easily. 

Just added two chord variations diagrams to the Mode Decoder app - for all minor 7th and all dominant 7th chords. These shapes allow you to play minor and dominant 7ths with the root on the A string as well as on the E string. I found that I use these particular shapes a lot naturally, so I hope they will be a useful addition to you all too.


This is a record of how I explain the Mode Decoder at guitar shows. I asked a passing visitor to the Mojo Formby Guitar Show if he would kindly film me as I explained the Mode Decoder to him in exchange for a free one. I forgot to ask his name but thank you anyway to the kind stranger! Its a very good record of what I normally say to people at these shows.

See how quickly I can play along to random music tracks. You too can do this with The Mode Decoder and hardly any learning.