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Re-engineering Hey Joe - video

Here is a re-working of the chord structure of Hey Joe, made famous by Jimi Hendrix. Its an interesting chord progression as the first half of the progression is in E Aeolian and the second half is in F# Aeolian. They share a D Major chord which allows the progression to pivot around this chord. At the end of the analysis is the studio version I use in the demo.

Hey Joe chords are:


E aeolian part:


F sharp Aeolian part:


So to mess about with this, using The Mode Decoder, I have created a chord progression modulating between E Aeolian and B Aeolian (which pivots around the chord Bm instead - like this:

First 3 chords - E Aeolian

C G Bm

Last 3 chords - B Aeolian (which shares the Bm chord - and pivoting on it instead of the D as in the original)

Bm F#min A

To solo to this, solo with our old friend 'minor pentatonic position 1' on frets 12, 5 and 7 (as you would for for E Aeolian) but end the phrase on a Db note!

Finished progression:

C G Bm F#min A