For guitar players of any level

Starting with a few chords and the minor pentatonic scale, you can:

  • avoid hours of learning scales and patterns – BUT be able to play in 84 scales and modes straightaway!
  • strum and solo along to your favourite song or jam track
  • write your own original songs
  • understand music visually

The Modecoder is a ready-reckoner wheel which has four pages. The front Chords Choice Page shows chords that all go together. Turn over, and the Solo Location Page will show you three locations where all the ‘right’ notes are for the scale or mode you have chosen on the front.  Then we have a Root and Character Notes Reference Page. On the back is a Chords Reference Chart.

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Finally a way to learn modes that makes sense!

All I can say is bravo! I tried many a different product over the years and found them to be confusing at best and frustrating at worst. This is the first time in all my years of playing that I’m starting to understand the modes.
John P. Logsdon


Colourful simplicity with a hint of genius…

Seriously… how has this not been done before?

I have genuinely given myself headaches trying to wrap my admittedly overcooked brain around guitar modes for a what seems a very large proportion of my free time. What the Mode De-coder gives you is an instant access pass to the easy path.

 Matt Allen