Epic Guitar Jam Night! 🎸 How the Mode Decoder Made It Possible

A fantastic night of guitar jamming was had when I went round to my mate Trev’s house for an enjoyable evening of music making followed by a curry to wrap up the night! 🎶 We’ve known each other for decades and both love guitars, but never jammed together until now. For me, this session was made possible by using the Mode Decoder, my ultimate Guitar Ready Reckoner. It helped us pick some quick chords that went together perfectly, and allowed for seamless soloing and an unforgettable evening of musical fun without worrying about the theory or being limited to what we already knew.

In this video, you’ll see us in action, enjoying the magic of spontaneous music creation. No practice, just straight to playing.

If you and your mates sometimes feel you can’t play well or adapt to different keys or modes, the Mode Decoder is a game-changer! It simplifies the process of finding chords and matching solos, making every jam session enjoyable and musically cohesive.

🔗 Get your Mode Decoder from the website shop, or search Amazon or Ebay (slightly cheaper on Amazon), and transform your guitar nights with friends!

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