Lesson 2: Step 1 – The Full Minor Scale Location 1

Adding extra notes

By now you should be able to play the Minor Pentatonic scale well. If not, please go back to Your First Lesson until you are happy with playing in all 3 locations. 

Now we are going to add 2 further notes to our 5 note pentatonic scale. This will increase the playable notes to the maximum of 7 in G Mixolydian and A Aeolian.

Unlike the Minor Pentatonic Scale shape, these notes are in different places in locations 1, 2 and 3, so you will need to familiarise yourself with these additional notes in this Lesson and Lesson 3 and Lesson 4 . 

This, is the hardest bit, but it’s very worth while because, once you are familiar with them, it will free you to be able to solo along with most western music.

As with the earlier exercise, you don’t need to know the names of the new notes, just where they appear in relation to the minor pentatonic scale.

Look at the updated diagram above. It shows you the location of the additional two notes. So, let’s start off on fret 5 by playing the Minor Pentatonic Scale as before, and then adding just one of the grey notes in to see how it sounds, then another and so on. Next, try playing all the notes in sequence – try playing all of the black and grey notes from left to right before moving on to the next string.

Now, play along to the Mixolydian backing track as before, but now include the grey notes.