Lesson 2: Step 3 – Focus on Location 1

Play Mixolydian

Now for the best notes. You have probably found these by ear from earlier lessons. These are now added to the diagram for location 1. The solid blue circle represents the ‘root’ note (which is the main note of the song), and the blue ring represents what we shall call the ‘character note’. Each mode has a unique note which, when played sounds most like the mode in question. 

As before, play along to the Mixolydian backing track, most importantly keeping that minor pentatonic shape foremost in your mind, but concentrating on playing the root and character notes. Play about with them, trying different places – on drum downbeats, beginnings of bars, or wherever you feel they fit in best. Hopefully you will now be feeling less like concentrating on where your  fingers go, and start to ‘feel’ the music.

Keep the minor pentatonic shape, below, in mind:

… focussing on the ‘root’ and ‘character’ notes: