Step 5 – Focus on locations 1, 2 and 3

Now to play the best notes for another mode, the familiar Aeolian (or natural minor scale).

You have probably found these great sounding notes by ear from earlier lessons, but here they are superimposed onto the diagrams for all 3 locations. A mentioned before, The solid red circle represents the ‘root’ note, and the red ring represents what we call the ‘character note’ for Aeolian. You will notice that although all the playable notes are the same as for G mixolydian, the root and character notes are in different places.

On your Mode Decoder, these overlays appear on the right hand side of the inside; on the app, click the relevant buttons on ‘Soloing Engine’ to reveal and hide them.

As before, play along to the Aeolian backing track – the solo section from Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven, again most importantly keeping that minor pentatonic shape foremost in your mind, and concentrating on playing the root and character notes.

 Keep the shape below in mind…

…as you play these notes below, (focussing on the root and character notes) …

… along to the backing track below