Colourful simplicity with a hint of genius

Seriously… how has this not been done before?

I won a free guitar cable in a competition and enquired about the Mode De-coder at the same time as giving my details. Such a helpful chap I was given the Mode De-coder for free so I figured the least I could do was an honest review…

I have genuinely given myself headaches trying to wrap my admittedly overcooked brain around guitar modes for a what seems a very large proportion of my free time. What the Mode De-coder gives you is an instant access pass to the easy path.

I’ve spent hours going through some of my favourite works and finding new ways to go at them. Old songs come alive again and it just gives you the biggest smile. It’s admittedly not perfect since it doesn’t tune my guitar for me or make the tea… However it has accelerated my guitar skills and reduced my headaches!

When this ones finally dog eared (good quality materials so it’ll take a while) I’ll be buying another and I’d willingly pay five times the price! Thank you very much!

by Matt Allen

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