Finally I finished my recreation of the ‘lost’ Pink Floyd song SEABIRDS with AI David Gilmour – with help from the Mode Decoder of couse!

I’ve always been a massive Pink Floyd fan. One of their rarest and most elusive songs is “Seabirds,” a track that has only one known recording, hidden in the background of the 1969 film “More” by Barbet Schroeder. In this video, I talk about how I went about recreating this rare gem, from finding the key and mode to using AI voice cloning of David Gilmour’s voice to complete the song, ending with the full ‘studio’ version (fast forward to 3:12 to skip straight there).

This has been a long project that I have dipped into off and on since about 2013. I’ve pieced bits together since the version in the film was chopped up in the edit. I’ve attempted to recreate the guitar tone from similar-sounding tracks from that time, like “Ibiza Bar” and “The Nile Song.” I’ve copied the drum pattern as best I could with the drum sequencer Doggiebox and was quite happy with the result – apart from the key ingredient of a Pink Floyd song, the distinctive voice of David Gilmour.

I never thought I could get that until voice cloning was developed last year, or at least became accessible to people like me through Google Colab. I extracted David’s voice from “The Nile Song” for the verse and from “Fat Old Sun” for the quieter chorus and then applied the clones to my own original vocals. I’m very pleased with the result and can finally label this project as ‘finished’! Hope you enjoy this little gem.

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