See how PINK FLOYD could have saved a lot of ‘TIME’ using the Mode Decoder to choose their chords

My tutorial cover of Pink Floyd’s ‘Time’ (Dark Side of the Moon) showing how setting the Mode Decoder to the song’s key (F sharp minor) displays all the chords and notes of the song like magic. From the front I highlight each chord as it’s played. On the back I show the fingering of each chord and where to play it on the fretboard. On the inside I show where the solo locations are for playing the minor pentatonic scale in F sharp minor and also how to quickly change soloing position as the song changes key to B minor!

In the past, Pink Floyd didn’t have a Mode Decoder back when they wrote Time, but I hope you can see how they could easily have used the menu of chords it shows to create it! You’ll see how you can easily do the same and use the Mode Decoder to write your own songsā€¦ in the future!

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