Transposing Modes – Guns ‘n’ Roses – Sweet Child o’ Mine from Db Mixolydian to Db Aolian mode

Demonstrating the ability to transpose one song from one mode into another with The Mode Decoder®. The original song is in Db mixolydian and has been transposed to Db Aolian. Bit of a rough take, but you get the idea.

Normally this is a very complicated thing to do as chords and solo notes need to be worked out with traditional music theory – but its no sweat with The Mode Decoder® – just read off the chords and notes.

If you’re wondering, the change means that the penultimate note of the familiar refrain is down a half step from F to E and the Db chord is changed to a Db minor and the Fsharp changes to Fsharp minor – but you don’t need to work any of that out – the Mode De-coder will just make it obvious!

To play the original song, Slash simply detuned his guitar down a half step to Eb and played the familiar D, C and G chords.

As a side-note, The Mode Decoder® allows you to play along with songs recorded down a half step in Eb without having to detune your guitar.

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