Understand and play ‘Here There and Everywhere by The Beatles.

Here, there and everywhere from the album ‘Revolver’ by The Beatles.

A showcase of the theory behind this beautiful Beatles song using The Mode Decoder in an easy to understand tutorial. Because once you see the structure, its easy to play!

It demonstrates the move between the two keys of G Major and g minor and also shows how chords may be ‘borrowed’ and a clever trick with a secondary dominant chord.

The intro chords are all in the key of G major except for the chord Bb major. I show how Paul McCartney mixes up the modes here by temporarily switching from G major to g minor to add in a Bb major. You can see how this works by simply moving the ‘G’ from the Ionian window to the Aeolian window. Bb major is ‘borrowed’ from the g minor key.

G  bm [ Bb ] am C7

Secondary dominant trick:
Moving completely into the g minor key for the bridge a very clever device is used by ending on a C7 chord. This is clever because it is part of the G major scale, in fact the dominant 7th chord wants to resolve to a G. The C7 is also a secondary dominant 7th chord for the g minor key too, so its an excellent common chord to pivot around.

This song also unusually used chords from eb=very one of the 7 notes of the G major scale including the much avoided m7b5!

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